Technology Make me Crazy



Devotion:  Revelation 1:1-3

Chemistry and algebra made me crazy.  I’m neither a science or math person.  Maybe that’s why technology makes me crazy.   I don’t understand why or how it works.  Come to think of it; we don’t have to understand it; we just use it and know it works.

An e-mail flies to the other part of the world by air waves.  We trust that it gets there as soon as we push send.  It’s nothing short of a miracle; as far as I’m concerned.

I have overcome the fear of pushing the wrong  button on a computer.  I’ve lost important information before by accidentally hitting erase or forgetting to save a document I was working on.

Can you imagine what Peter, James or John would think if they saw a live chat or video coming to them from a square box called a computer?  It would probably scare them senseless.

I could never remember a certain password until my friend Michele gave me a funny sentence and although a bit long; I’ll never forget it again.

When you read of John’s visions in the book of Revelation;  he saw things that were so foreign to him.  He then relayed his visions to us and described what he saw with his own vocabulary.  He saw things like angels, plagues, bowls of wrath, creatures with more than one head, waters made bitter, fallen stars, and a host of other things so strange to him.

I’m sure fear fell on John as he was given these visions by his Heavenly Father.  Although he may not have understood all he saw; he wrote them down for us and tried to describe them with his  current culture’s vocabulary.

I’m certain John was wide eyed; as God pulled back the curtains of time and allowed his servant John to see and write down what he saw.  It did not make him crazy.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, this world is changing every second.  I learn something and a few weeks later it changes again.  Thank You that You do not change and we will have everything we need in heaven. Thank You for showing John our future.  I trust You Lord and  need not be afraid of changing technology.



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