Just in Case


Devotion:  Matthew 6:19-21

My husband and I were working down in our garage.  We discovered paint cans tucked away under our steps.  I suppose we kept these paints, just in case there were boo boos on our walls.  Did we ever use them? No!  Did we have boo boos?  Of course we did.

Do you ever keep old things; just in case you might need them? Maybe you’ve kept clothes that are two sizes too small or two sizes too big?  I’ve kept dishes for years that belonged to my mom, just because they were hers.  Do I ever use them?  No! Then why would I not share them with someone who will?  I asked my niece Lydia if she would want them.  She said yes!  I am so excited to share them with her.

Because of our remodeling; we are trying to hoe out and get rid of things not used in years.  I’ve kept things because they are sentimental to me.  I’m still ruminating over certain things.

Here’s an idea.  I could take pictures of things that were really special to me and look at them any time I want.   Why not?  I’ve helped clean out three people’s houses, after they passed away. One was horrific; the other two were not so bad.  It’s the horrific one that haunts me.

I don’t want our “just in case” stuff to be left for our kids to then have to throw away.  I’m certain they would not appreciate it.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, help me to lay up treasures in heaven more than we lay up treasures on earth.  Show me what I need to share or just throw away.  I only want to keep what is valuable or useful to me. Speak to my heart Lord Jesus about the “just in case” stuff. Those things have nothing to add to eternity.  I love You Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen



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