The Implanted Word


Devotion:  James 1:21

We should think on God’s Implanted Word more than what someone said on Facebook or Twitter.  The Bible declares God’s implanted Word is able to save your souls.  Proverbs 23;7 says: “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”

The more we talk to the Lord and pray His Words back to Him, the more we will have access to His infinite wisdom.  If we make a conscious choice to speak out from a heart full of love versus strife and remorse; God will build us up in our most holy faith.

I’m going to encourage you to start paying close attention to your actions and reactions.   Whatever you think about the  most and how you think about it will affect you physically and spiritually. We must practice holding onto God’s Word when life is good and when it is hard.  God allows you the free will to choose to hold onto His truth or the world’s belief system.

His Word will not return void.   The world will lead you to be all about you, with no regard to others in your sphere of influence. We are to love others as we love ourselves.  When we begin to care about others as much as we care about ourselves; our whole world will be transformed.  We will begin to glorify God on earth as He is glorified in heaven.

If we will live out the Word implanted; we will never be the same. The church as a whole would be winning the lost as never before.  I would venture to say; revival would break out amongst God’s people.

Prayer In Motion:

Lord, may I practice tapping into Your Word implanted in my soul.  I want to listen with the ear of a disciple.  God may my latter days be greater than the former and may all those who long for Your appearing practice taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.



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