Seek the LORD


Devotion: Isaiah 55:6-11

I am super excited!  I get to start studying this wonderful Old Testament Book in just a few weeks.  I will be taking a Precept Class taught by Lee Ann Hopkins.  She is anointed, called and chosen to teach this class, for such a time as this.

This familiar passage jumped off the pages of my Bible this morning; right into my mind and heart.  It caused me to sincerely ask myself; am I seeking the LORD while He may be found?  Am I calling upon Him while He is near?

Lately; I’ve been guilty of not spending too much time with my Best Friend.  Some of you will remember the song you sang as a child.  “My Best Friend is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  My Best Friend is Jesus.  I love Him.”  I haven’t been seeking Him the way I use to, nor calling upon Him as often.


Staying too busy….. I am guilty….. I am missing Him.  Isaiah begins in verse six with a beckoning.  With a heart full of love he begs us to seek the LORD while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.

Verse seven says.  “Let the wicked forsake His way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; Let him return to the LORD, And He will have mercy on him and to our God For He will abundantly pardon.”

God in heaven; I cry out to You, the Living God, to forgive me for allowing the tyranny of the urgent to steal my time with You.  I know that verse eight is true: “Your thoughts are not my thoughts, nor my ways Your ways.  God, I acknowledge that Your ways are higher than mine and Your thoughts higher than mine.”

I confess I get so caught up in this world and the day to day distractions that come with it.  Thank You Lord for the knowledge that You will restore the time the locusts have eaten.  I believe You.

God, I am asking right now that You would reign down on every single person reading this post.  I pray You will meet each one at their point of need, whether it’s restoration of time, energy, lost income, pain in their body, a wayward child, a broken relationship; no matter what, God grant them their petitions and requests.

You are such a good God. I pray You will cause Your Word to rain down on each one and help them to know Your Word will not return void.  It will accomplish what You please and prosper in the thing for which You sent it.

I will close today with verses 12-13.  I know I am repeating today’s scripture but these verses are so powerful.

“You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace; The mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing before you, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.  Instead of the thorn shall come up the cypress tree, and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree. And it shall be to the LORD for a name, For an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off.”

I pray the Spirit of the Living God to fall freshly upon each one of you this very day.  I am so thankful for your faithfulness to our Lord.

Amen and Amen



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