Angel Encounter


Devotion:  Psalm 91:11

There are many stories of encounters with angels.  I happen to have my own.  I’m not a hundred percent sure these men were angels but here’s the story.

On a Wednesday night; I was taking my dad to a church service nearby his home in Morganton, NC.  He had already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and although he could still talk; he was very afraid in unfamiliar settings. This was not the church with which he was familiar.

I only took him out at the suggestion of his wife Ruby; just to get him out for a bit.  Evenings were always the hardest time of day.  Arriving at the church; Dad and I got out of the car and he suddenly dropped to his hands and knees.

I asked, “Daddy what’s wrong?”  He replied with his own question.   “How do I get over there?”  “There” being the church building.  He was seeing water instead of pavement.  Although my dad was not a huge man; I had no idea how I was going to get him up off that pavement.  There seemed to be no one else around.  All of a sudden; out of nowhere, appeared two very tall men.  I honestly never saw their faces.

One of the men asked; “May I help you?”  I said, Yes you can.  Although the other man never spoke; they both got on either side of my confused daddy and helped get him back into my car.  I looked up to thank them and they were nowhere to be found.

Maybe they were heavenly angels sent to earth to help my daddy, or possibly they were just regular men offering assistance.  I guess I’ll never know; however, I believe they were God’s help for my Dad and me during our time of need.  What a blessing.

Prayer in Motion:

LORD, thank You for creating angels to be Your messengers.  They are always sent with a message or for divine assistance.  They only come to do Your bidding.  I know we are never to worship or revere them.  That only belongs to You LORD.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


7 thoughts on “Angel Encounter

  1. Cynde Freeland

    Oh Libby…..How precious it was to hear of another believer encountering angels sent to assist with an elderly parent! I,too, had a similar experience with my mother when traveling while having been cut off short by another vehicle…the driver being quite rude and aggressive to us. We stopped to regain some composure and take a breather at a service station and to my dismay this car also stopped. As mother returned from the restroom, a gentleman approached her, who I have to say I was concerned as to what his intentions might be. He very graciously helped her into the car, closed the door and walked away. With his back to me, as I was watching him leave, he turned around and smiled at me and I said to him in a state of shock at his kindness and gentleness extended to my elderly mother, “thank you so very much.” When I looked down to start the car and again looked up I was overcome with emotion, as he was nowhere to be found….. as if he had disappeared into thin air in the same manner that he appeared!
    Praise be to our God for supplying all of our needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus! To see a demonstration of his power to us in our frailty magnifies him and causes our faith to explode! Thank you so much for sharing your encounter with the supernatural and the blessings that God has provided for his protection and oversight for his children!!! ♥️🙏

    • Cynde,

      I know; it’s amazing! God always knows what we have need of. Praise His Holy Name. I am so sorry I missed your call this morning. I concur with every word. We will catch up ASAP. Yes, we will. You are my life-time; prayer warring friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you Cynde. You always give great, godly advice. I’m so blessed to have you as my honest, truth-telling- God-fearing friend. We have our precious Kay to thank for binding us together with cords that cannot be broken.

      I love you with all my heart. Praying today God will give you all you have need of….energy and strength as you care for your mom and help Amber in any way possible. You are a HUGE blessing to Joe, your family, your church family, neighbors, and friends. I am thankful to be in that last group.

      Hope we can talk soon!
      Love you,

  2. Cynde Freeland

    I love you so very much my dear precious friend! I ditto back to you all of the words of encouragement, edification and descriptive ways that you acknowledged I bless your life.… You do the same in mine and fill that same role and I am most grateful! 😘😘♥️
    Headed to the doctor again today with mama. Mixup in scheduling yesterday so have to return today! Ughhhhh!!! 😂 I talked with Jesus yesterday and told him how excited I was that after having been so busy I would get Thursday and Friday to stay home and refresh myself to be ready for the celebration of our church Christmas party dinner and worship services on Sunday. I guess I called that one wrong! Had to do an attitude adjustment this morning before responding back to you so that my heart could be in the right position to lovingly serve instead of doing so with resentment. Boy, this living sacrifice thing that we are called to do always amazes me when I think I have conquered it and then tend to crawl back off of the altar, throwing down my cross, stomping my feet….demanding my way … MY time to have MY day to MYself! My….My…..My….. instead of
    Him, Him Him!!!!!! Truly, our sanctification is an ongoing process and I am thankful that he will continue the work in Me that he started until the day of Christ!….. and there is still plenty to do! 😂😂😂 I love you my dear sister. Have a blessed day! Love Cynde ♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘

    • We are soooooo sisters… same story … different version…. need your prayers..leading .. bible study tonight .. need stillness and quiet… going for MRI at 1:30 if breast… proly unnecessary .. just st precautionary ..please .pray for calmness to come over me and Holy Spirit to take over.. praying for your sweet mama ..You have many . crowns to cast at Jesus feet my dear …I love you

      Sent from my iPhone


  3. Cynde Freeland

    Yes my precious sister… You are covered! May God richly bless the hearers of God’s word and his humble servant for being ever so faithful to our Jesus !!!
    Keep me posted on the results of your mammogram! I have prayed for health and wholeness and nothing that should not be there to appear and thanking the Lord for his provision for his daughter and blessing her with life, health and the joy of the Lord! Love you Libby! 😘❤️

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