No One Cares


Devotion: Psalm 142:4

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes.  Maybe you’ve seen it.  A young girl; eleven years old to be exact, was wearing a T-Shirt declaring “OMG, No One Cares.”  It made me want to burst into tears.  I don’t know her story; however, for one that young to really feel that to be the truth of her life is so sad.

There are people who care.  God certainly cares.  There are many people who feel they’ve been dealt a raw deal, a hard hand or a bad blow.  They blame God because He didn’t seem to intervene.  Those things are not true.  We live in a fallen world.  God can always take what Satan meant for evil and turn it around for our good and His glory.  Our test can become a testimony.

  So how can we make a difference?  

Pray for her and all those who really feel no one cares.  There are more people than you think.  People walk around with big ole smiles.  Behind many of those smiles are hurting hearts filled with disappointments and sad stories.  Will we be Jesus to them during this Christmas season and going forward?

We are so busy with our own agenda; sometimes we forget to look up and look into the faces of those around us.  We are accomplishing our own lists and checking them twice.

Jesus; please help us to look up as we are going to and fro this Christmas.  I pray You will reveal to us those who need a touch from Your watching servants.  That’s us Oh LORD.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh LORD, may I look out into the faces of those who are needing a touch from You.  I pray this young girl will learn that people care and most of all that You care deeply about her.  You created her with and on purpose.  I pray she will find You to be the loving Father God and Savior of the world.  I pray she will find Jesus this Christmas.  In Your Holy Name, I pray.  Amen,



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