Christmas Compared to Wedding Day


Devotion:  Psalms 37:23

This is Christmas Day 2017.  By midnight tonight; it will be history.  At the end of the day; what will your story entail?

Before Christmas day; we plan and we prepare for months ahead of time.  We identify the people for whom we will buy.  Then we determine what to buy those people.  Some of us know exactly what our family expects us to bake.  This was identified in Christmases past.  Then we must choose between the events we will attend.  It’s usually non-stop until Christmas day or New Year’s Eve.

             Lots of preparation for the celebration of                                            one of our most Holy Days.

Then the day arrives.  Anticipation is high!  It will be a perfect day for gift giving and gift getting.  The food will be scrumptious.  The conversations will be awesome.  We certainly do not plan for a disaster of any kind.

It’s the same with our wedding day.  We prepare for months.  We are full of anticipation.  There will be friends and family to help us celebrate this holiest occasion.  The pastor will say all the right things.  The music will be described nothing less than angelic.  There will be lots of gifts.  The people we have chosen to be there will speak lots of blessing over us and our marriage.

I guarantee you that someone now reading this blog had some sort of a disaster at a wedding or on a Christmas day.  The meat burned.  The cake fell.  Someone said something unkind or shared some news you would have rather not heard.  Events do not always go according to our plans.

God knows about every Christmas, and every wedding.  To Him; everything goes according to His plan.  How the “unplanned” goes is up to you.  You either act or react.  Our flesh has a hard time restraining itself.  We want to react in the flesh rather than act according to God’s Holy Spirit.

Whether it’s your Christmas celebration or a wedding; ask the LORD to help you act according to His Spirit rather than react according to your flesh.  At the end of the day; what will be your story regarding Christmas 2017?

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, I thank You for this Christmas day 2017.  As the year comes to a close; I pray you will help me always act according to Your Spirit who lives inside of me.  May I be able to look back to this day with fond memories and no regrets.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.





One thought on “Christmas Compared to Wedding Day

  1. I wanted to apologize for accidentally typing in Christmas 2018 in yesterday’s post. I have made the correction. I find the year ahead projection quite comical in light of my word for this year. “Be still.”

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