Winter Storm with a Name


Devotion:  Isaiah 25:4

A winter storm with a name.  Only in the most recent years has the media begun to give winter storms a name.  Prior to then; the only storms named were hurricanes and tropical storms.

This year in the Charlotte area; we’ve already missed several opportunities for snow.  On Wednesday morning; I watched as the rain quickly changed to snow.  There is something very peaceful about falling snow.  The world becomes quieter, calmer and just beautiful!  Winter’s dead grass becomes covered with this beautiful white as wool substance.

On Tuesday; our grandson Luke came home from school and went right out to the garage with his friend Dalton to build a snowball slingshot. That was before the snow had arrived. They stayed in the garage until dark.  I asked him if he accomplished his mission.  He said; “No, I’ve got to work on it tomorrow morning.”

Luke had prayed for snow the night before and voila; no school on Wednesday. He was walking in faith that his prayers would be answered because he was preparing for the snowballs he would form.  He is one happy little boy.  I’m sure there will be many happy children to enjoy winter storm, Inga.

As I watched the snow pelting down outside my kitchen window; I thought of all the people going through winter storms in their lives.  Each one feels “stuck inside” their dilemmas.   Some have been in these storms for a while.  Others have been caught off guard by a sudden storm, one for which they could have never prepared.

Each one has a name.  It could be cancer.  It could be divorce.  It could be a horrific accident that leaves one impaired for life. It could be an addiction for someone you love.  Not a brief fun snowstorm, but a life-altering kind of storm.

The only way to survive these kinds of storms is to look into our precious Bible.  God’s Word can calm the soul of one walking through an unchanging, life-altering storm.  One cannot find real peace any other way.  When we are stuck inside of a raging storm; our Lord Jesus is the only One who can bring peace and calm.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, right now I pray for miracles in the lives of those who are in the middle of a storm.  As the storm rages around them; I’m asking that You bring peace and calm to their souls.  Manifest Your presence to them in a powerful way Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.



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