Neglecting God’s Word


Devotion:  Jeremiah 15:16

Charles Spurgeon said; “Most of our fears come out from the neglect of God’s Word.”  I believe that statement from the bottom of my heart.  Lack of trust in God produces great fear.  If we haven’t been in God’s Word on a regular basis; we become dis-trusting that He will do what He says He will do.  We forget to rely upon His promises that are yes and amen.

We seek comfort from all the wrong places: television, magazines; the internet and material possessions.  None of those bring comfort like the Word of God.  Every time I read it; I am refreshed; comforted and encouraged.  It is His Word that equips us for whatever trial we might be facing at the time.

I will never get over the power and strength that comes from God’s Word.  It brings conviction and comfort all at the same time.  No person can ever do what His Word can do for us.  We gain new strength on a daily basis from its deep, abiding truth .

God’s Word was written with you and me in mind.  He knew the challenges we would face in this world and exhorted us not to fear the trials and tribulation that would come; for He overcame.

“God is not a God of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  He promised to keep in perfect peace, those whose minds are stayed on Christ.  How can we have the mind of Christ?  By hiding His Word in our heart so that we might not sin against Him.

When will we get the association between the neglect of God’s Word and the subsequent fears and anxieties pouring into our lives?   God says anxiety in the heart of a man weighs it down but a good word makes it glad.  I can think of no word better than God’s Word.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, please forgive me for times I have neglected Your Word.  Those are the times I truly have become the most fearful.  God help me remember to keep my eyes fixed upon You Jesus.  Thank You for all the great and mighty things You have done for me.  I love You LORD!  In Jesus Name.  Amen.




Devotion:  Luke 6:35

Your parents taught you to have a grateful heart.  The Bible says; “Give thanks to the LORD for He is good.”  Churches all over the world have said together; “God is good, all the time and all the time, God is good.”  Expecting goodness from people is engrained in our DNA.  We expect to be treated the way we treat others; however…

                      …it doesn’t always happen that way.

The Bible also says; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  When they don’t; we can become altogether dis-enchanted with the human race.  If we allow our feelings to rule; We will shrink back from the blessing of obeying today’s verse. God knew giving out kindness to the unkind would be difficult and that’s why these verses are strategically placed in His Word.

We are innately selfish; so these are hard words to absorb into our souls.  The ungrateful people God has placed in your life; are there for a reason.  It’s for ” training in righteousness.”

Let’s face it; it’s easy to be kind to those who are kind to us. Here’s the kicker:  God’s character is kindness.  It was His kindness that led us to repentance.  Your kindness may lead others to accept Jesus in their hearts.

Kindness is number five in the list of the fruit of the Spirit. Kindness comes out of love, the number one fruit.  This kind of love is developed only through the power and strength of God’s Holy Spirit.  (loving your enemies)

Your expectancy can only be placed in the Lord Jesus Christ. We love people without condition.  It’s the same way Jesus loves us.  Do we grieve His Spirit?  Yes, when we sin.  We all sin and fall short of the glory of God.  There are none righteous, no not one.  The only difference in us and the lost souls is the indwelling Holy Spirit given to us at the time of our salvation.

Go out today and “be kind to one another; tender hearted forgiving one another; even as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you.”

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, HELP me to be kind to everyone.  My flesh is weak; however, my strength comes from You.  May I let go of my fleshly expectations.  Help me to act and react the way You would act and react.  In Jesus Name.  Amen



Get in the Boat


Devotion:  Matthew 13:1-2

There was a rather large fishing boat in the ocean; combing the area near our condo.  By the day; she had her large nets spread to catch the fish filled waters.  Her brightly shining lights; kept her working into the late hours of darkness.

One thing I noticed; there was always a smaller boat that stayed near the larger boat.  Could it be a tracker boat scanning to find large schools of fish?  Night and day she would faithfully encircle her big sister.  Possibly she was a tug boat; ready to rescue if big sister got into trouble.  I believe she was there to assist in whatever way deemed necessary.

Our scripture today finds Jesus crawling into a small boat for the purpose of teaching.  The crowds were pressing into Him.  He needed some space to be able to teach and wanted the whole crowd to hear His powerful words.

Jesus was fishing for souls.  If you read on past our text; you will find He was teaching in parables.  The disciples asked Him why He was teaching in parables. He plainly explained: “I’m teaching in parables so the people can understand these important kingdom messages.

Where is your boat?  Is it on your job?  Is it in your neighborhood? Is it your family?  Find the boat God has given you and go tell the people about God’s kingdom.  Do not be afraid.  Whether they receive the truth or not; is between them and God.

Just get in the boat.  Serve the purpose for which you were created.  Tell the good news.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, You have given me a boat in which to serve.  May I speak boldly the message for which I was created to give.  Thank You for saving me for this purpose.  In Jesus Name.  Amen

Home Sweet Home


Devotion:  John 14:2

Whether you travel for work or for pleasure; it’s always good to come back to home sweet home.  Can you imagine what it will be like when you arrive to your heavenly home; a place you’ve never been before?  It’s a place Jesus has gone to prepare for you.  We cannot begin to fathom what it will be like.

Our future home is being fashioned for us even now.  Its Designer and Builder is God.  Our heavenly home will be absolutely perfect; created and designed with you in mind.  God has great and mighty things in store for you and me.  Our earthly minds cannot begin to embrace the thought of it.

If we truly understood even the tiniest bit of what heaven will be like; God knows we would be so homesick; we would never get a thing done on earth.  He knows what we have need of on earth but He also knows what will be needful for us in heaven.  He who has provided exceedingly and abundantly for us on earth, will do beyond what we could ask or think or imagine in heaven.

He who has been faithful to us here; will be faithful to us there. God never stops being God.  His character never changes. When we are absent from the body; we will be present with the LORD.   He has lived with us through His Holy Spirit in whom we are sealed for our day of redemption.

As children; with every trip my sister and I took with our parents; we would ask a hundred times; “how much longer till we get there?”

We all wonder; how much longer till we go to our heavenly home?  Our Heavenly Father knows, because our days were numbered before there was one of them.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, thank You for my earthy home; as well as my future heavenly home.  I cannot begin to fathom being with You in heaven but I know You have gone to prepare a place for me.  I know I will come to be with You at the time You have ordained for me.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


Old Words With Now Application


Devotion:  2 Timothy 2:15

So many old words come from the Word.  They are all yes and amen. You can open God’s Word to any book and find application for your life.  Almost any of the Psalms will encourage your heart.  Verse 1 of Psalm 24 declares that the earth belongs to the LORD.

As I sit looking at God’s beautiful ocean; I read the words.  “For He has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters.”  It’s the same ocean God created at the beginning of time. Its ebb and flow, white caps and crashing waves are still as vibrant today, as they were at their creation.

These verses proclaim who may stand in God’s holy place.  (This applies to every person who has ever been born.)  He declares; “he who has clean hands and a pure heart.”  He also says; the one “Who has not lifted up his soul to an idol, nor sworn deceitfully.”  That one will receive a blessing from the LORD and righteousness from the God of salvation.

Many people believe the Bible to be irrelevant to today’s world. Its words are as relevant in the here and now; as they were two thousand years ago.  If we would study to show ourselves approved unto God; a workman righty dividing the truth; He would reveal the hidden things to us.

Ask the Lord to give you understanding when You can’t grasp the meaning of a passage.  He promises; “If we seek Him; He will let us find Him when we search for Him with our whole heart.”

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, help me to seek You when I do not grasp or understand Your Word.  I believe You will reveal the hidden things to me.  In Jesus Name.  Amen

Grave and Serious Words


Devotion: Isaiah 14:21-27

These are not words of encouragement; however, they are the words of the LORD.  These words against Babylon and Assyria are not flowery; they are words of judgement.  The LORD is promising judgement and destruction because of sin in the land.

Verse 26 is key to this passage.  The Lord declares His hand is stretched out against all the nations.  Why?  Because of rebellion and sin against Him.

At the time of this writing; we have seen pure evil happen to fifty eight people out in Las Vegas, Nevada.  That doesn’t include their mourning family members.  All of this happened at the hands of one man.  As of yet; we do not know with whom he was affiliated.

Our LORD did not cause these tragedies; however, because of free will; this man killed all of these people.  Pure evil.  Did he know that God says, “Thou shalt not kill.”; or did he just not care?  In either scenario; he willfully rebelled against God and all of these families.

The Bible tells us; “All we like people have gone astray.  He has turned everyone into his own way.  The LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.”  He also says, “We’ve all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  “There is none righteous, no not one.” These are God’s words, not mine.

I’ve heard many people say, “It’s my sin; it doesn’t hurt anyone else.”  God begs to differ with you.  Look what happened to these dear people.  Their lives were snuffed out and the family members are left behind to deal with deep sorrow and grief.

Read His Word.  He is a God of love; however, He’s a just God.  He will deal with this man who rejected the One True God.

God has made a way for forgiveness of sin through Christ Jesus. For those of us who are alive; “If we confess our sin; He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  Pray for these dear family members and friends who have lost loved ones due to the horrific sin of one man.

Through the One Man Christ Jesus, fully God and fully man; we can be controlled by His Holy Spirit.  Christ died for the ungodly.

Prayer in Motion:

God bring healing to these dear families who’ve suffered this horrific tragedy.  Lord Jesus, may I take seriously Your Words that are alive; active and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing to both joint and marrow.  You say what You mean and mean what You say.  Thank You Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


Bright Morning Star


Devotion:  Revelation 22:16

I knew there were millions of stars in the still dark sky; as I peered out of my window at 6:30 a.m. It was the time right before the sun began to creep up over the clouds. One lone star revealed his beauty over the swelling ocean.  The verse that came to mind; “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

I woke up praying for several friends who are struggling for their very lives.  One is struggling to breath; another fights horrific pain and discomfort; others are battling cancer.

And yet; the bright morning star still shines for each of them.  In our passage today; Jesus calls Himself the Bright Morning Star.

The bright morning star is actually the planet Venus.  All the other stars turn in a counterclockwise direction.  Venus turns in a clockwise direction.  Jesus, the author of time; will guide you in the proper direction.  There has never been a time when Jesus did not exist.

The bright morning star is also the evening star; always there for you.  It serves it’s purpose continually.  Jesus has always existed.  He will shine in the day and the night; ordering your steps and directing your path.

He will never leave you without direction.  Look up and seek His face.  He will be your help and your strength.  He is with you always, both now and forever more.  If we seek Him; we will find Him; when we search for Him with our whole heart.  Oh what a Savior; the Bright and Morning Star.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, may I always look up to You; for the direction of my life. You alone shine brightly.  You keep me in perfect peace when my mind is stayed upon You. Thank You for being my Bright Morning Star.  I love You Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen