People in Transition


Devotion: Acts 26:18

We’ve all seen them.  You probably know quite a few.  You might be one of “them”. Those who are in transition. Aren’t we all?  In transition?

You know people who’ve had much and lost everything.   Then, there are “those” people, who succumbed to temptation, that turns into addiction.  One bad choice, turns into a life long consequence, one must carry to his or her grave.

There are many ways we can transition:


dating to married

childless to bearing a child

bad to good

closed to open

hard to soft

lost to found

dark to light

There is one way all people must transition; if they want to have eternal life in heaven.

from death to life

Wait a minute.  What did you say?  Death to life?  How is it possible to transition from death to life?  It is totally possible, for one who has prayed to invite Jesus into his or her life.  A person admits to being a sinner and in need of a Savior, and then asks Jesus to forgive them of their sins and to come into their heart.

Romans 3:23  “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory                            of God.”                                                                     
1 John 1:9       “If we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive us                          of our sins and to cleanse us from all                                            unrighteousness.”                                                  
Ephesians 2:8 “For by grace are you have been saved through                            faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of                                God, not as a result of works, so that no one may                          boast.”

Romans 6:4     “We were buried with him by baptism into death,                             in order that, just as Christ was raised from the                             dead, by the glory of the Father, we too might                               walk in newness of life.”

It is not God’s will that any man should perish without Christ.  I am asking, no I’m begging you; if you do not know Jesus as your Savior and Lord, make this the day of your salvation.  He came to die for you and for me, so that we could have eternal life in heaven and abundant life on earth.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I pray You will show me those who are lost and need to be found.  May I share Your salvation message, this day with someone, who needs to transition from darkness to the Light of Jesus. It’s in His precious Name I offer up this prayer. Amen




Devotion:  Romans 1:16

I was nannying for my sweet friends, Clay and Amy Fowler. Maddie and Olivia were taking their afternoon rest, when all of a sudden, the door bell rang.  I opened the door and there stood a handsome young man and his little blonde five year old daughter.  He told me of his recently lost executive position in corporate America. His company was “downsizing.”  Did I tell you it was a blistering, hot day? They were both red faced and dripping with sweat.  I offered them cold water and a prayer, which seems like little, but “Little is much when God is in it.”

This desperate man and his child moved door to door, passing out business cards, willing to do any needed renovations.  Did I tell you the man has a wife, who home schools their six children?

What a stark contrast between this man and the people who hold up signs, “Will work for food.”  We’ve all observed them, standing at stop signs, holding their own sign,  looking ashamed, and down trodden.

Before he worked for corporate America; this young man had worked in the construction business.  He was not ashamed to return to the physical labor he had done in the past, in order to provide for his family.

In the same way, we were once unashamed to share the gospel, of Jesus Christ.  Some have even gone door to door, to share the best news of their entire lives!  We haven’t lost our position in Christ, but perhaps we’ve lost our first love.  We need not be ashamed of the gospel but desperately need to return to our first love.  God wants us to provide His message for those who are perishing

Return to your first love.  Go out and unashamedly share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, may I return to my first love.  Restore the years the locusts have eaten and may I unashamedly share the good news of Jesus Christ.  It’s in Jesus Name I offer up this prayer.  Amen



How May I Pray for You?


Devotion:  James 4:2 

Sitting in an examination room for a follow up doctor’s visit; I was conversing with a physician’s assistant.  When we finished our conversation, I asked her, “How may I pray for you?”  She began to cry but made the statement, “Pray however you feel led to pray.”  How could one simple question impact a person so deeply?  I knew she must have some sort of situation going on in her life, that either she didn’t have the time to get into, or it was just too painful, to discuss with a stranger.

I wondered if anyone had ever asked her that question.  I think it may be rare, even for a Christian to ask someone, “How may I pray for you?”  Even though simple, it’s a soul searching question, which can lead to an opportunity to share the gospel, or at least show some compassion, toward our fellow earthly sojourners.

We are so busy working, parenting, caring for the daily needs of our families; we hurry on by hundreds of hurting people.  We may or may not make eye contact, flash a smile, or even utter a hello, to the people whom we are passing. We can become self absorbed with our own issues and forget about the people who need our prayers.

To pray for someone, is to lift them up before the throne room of God Himself.  Jesus is at the Father’s right hand, always interceding for those He created.  It never ceases to amaze me; that the Creator of the universe wants to talk with the people He created, for His own good pleasure.  He doesn’t care if your words are lofty.  He just wants you to speak with Him from your heart.   It’s His desire to respond back to His beloved child.

When you pray for another person, you are showing the highest form of love you could ever display.  Period.  The Lord who sees and hears will answer your petitions and your requests.  You are seeking the Lord, while He is near, calling upon the only One who can help the person, for whom you are praying.  It deepens your intimacy with the Lord and increases your faith; as you display unconditional love, toward the one who has asked you to pray.

So the next time you are out shopping, dinning or even taking a walk, ask the Lord to show you whom you might ask, “How may I pray for you?”

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, show me whom I might ask, “How may I pray for you?”  Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.





On Your Knees


Devotion:  Romans 14:10-11

Every night before retiring, my mom and dad would kneel with my sister and me, to pray our evening prayers.  What began as “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep…,” grew into praying for our family, our neighbors and missionaries across the ocean.

It was sweet to kneel with my mom and dad, because I knew we were bowing before a Great and Mighty God.  Honestly, it’s more about the position of your heart, than your physical position, but your children or grandchildren will never forget, what they see and hear, as you bow before God’s throne.  It will forever be imbedded in their hearts and minds.  Children learn what they are taught.

Solomon blessed the LORD after he finished the temple and began to pray a prayer of dedication.  He began his prayer standing but somewhere in this powerful prayer, he knelt before the Lord. In 1 Kings 8:54 the Lord tells us, “He arose from before the altar of the LORD, where he had knelt with hands outstretched toward heaven.”

In 1 Kings 18:42, Elijah put his face between his knees on top of Mount Carmel, as he prayed for rain to come, on the dry and thirsty land.  In Ezra 9:5, Ezra fell on his face and began to confess the sin of the Israelites.  God did not forsake them, even in their slavery, because of His steadfast love.  Kneeling before an open window, with great certainty and intention, Daniel faced the lion’s den, as he knelt before an open window to pray to the God of heaven. (Daniel 6:10) After having been stoned, Stephen fell on his knees and cried out with a loud voice, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” (Acts 7:60)

Kneeling before our Holy and Righteous God indicates a servant’s heart.  It’s an outward appearance of an inward transformation.  One day soon, “Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, that Jesus is Lord.”

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, “Here I am to worship.  Here I am to bow down.  Here I am to say that You’re My God.  You’re altogether lovely, altogether worthy, altogether wonderful to me.”  I worship You Lord, in Spirit and in Truth.  In Jesus Name, Amen!



Prayer Walking


 Devotion: Ephesians 6:18

Our purpose was clear; as we stepped off the plane, onto the ground of the Asian country.  The powers of darkness were hovering like never before.  We were there to prayer walk around particular cities, their schools and universities, as well as the government agencies and temples.

The team of intercessors could sense a strong presence of evil, upon this particular city; held captive by strongholds of idol worship.

Prayer has the power to hold back all the forces of darkness, dispelling the presence of evil and bringing the bright Light of Christ.  As we walked, we began to pray God’s Word over this place.  His Word declares, “At the Name of Jesus, Satan has to flee.”   The Lord is our Light and our salvation.  Whom then shall we fear? Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost.  It is not His will that any man should perish without Him.

How does one prayer walk?  You begin by asking God to create in you a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit within you. Dress yourself in the armor as you go out to battle in prayer, with weapons that are mighty to push back the darkness of the enemy.  Ask the Lord to open your eyes and show you how to pray His heart, for the area your feet will trod.

God showed us a man sweeping the pavement.  We asked that He would prepare the way, for this man to go to heaven.  We saw another group of men gathering old bricks and we prayed to the God of heaven, that He would tear down the walls of idolatry, so that they might invite in, the True and Living God.  We saw a woman selling fragrant flowers and asked the Lord to save her and make her the fragrance of Christ, to the lost and the saved.

You can prayer walk in your neighborhood, around your office space, even around your church.  Ask the Lord to show you His heart for the area you will prayer walk.  Do not delay. Put on those gospel shoes of peace.  Invite one or two others to go with you or just go with God.  You will be amazed at what He will speak to you and through you!

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, may I go out and pray over the areas you have placed on my heart. I trust You to pray through me, all the things that are on your heart!  In Jesus Name. Amen


Out of Options


Devotion: Psalm 24:7-9

Whether treating a dread disease or making a wrong choice; humans can sometimes, run out of options.  Our options begin to quickly fade into the sunset; as the A,B and C choices, fail to produce the desired outcome.  Hope dissipates and then despair can set in, like a piece of furniture, in its comfortable spot.  Your life may appear to be over, or is it just the beginning of a new chapter, possibly even time to write a new book?

When Christians are out of options; we must take the time to lift up our heads and seek the face of God.  Our God is the God of a new day, a new way, causing doors to mysteriously open and close, as if guided by an unseen hand.

Our God, who never fails; longs to give you, “beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for mourning and peace for despair.” He who created the world from nothing, will make a way where there doesn’t seem to be any possible way.  He is the God of promises and possibilities and He is never late; always on time! That’s the kind of God we serve, mighty to rescue and save, just at the right time.

Even when you are out of options, humanly speaking, your God is never out of options.  He will make a way where there doesn’t seem to be any.  He is with you and longs to reveal His ways that are so much higher than our own.  Watch for His options to come to pass, those that are exceedingly, abundantly beyond what you could ever ask or think or imagine.

Prayer in Motion:

God, when I am out of options, would You remind me that You are not.  You always make a way, whether we are in the desert or the middle of the storm.  You are holding onto me.  Thank You Lord.  In Jesus Name I offer up this prayer.  Amen

Prayer for Children


Devotion:  Lamentations 2:19

Moms and Dads, I am begging you to please pray for and with your children while they remain in your household. Certainly you can pray after they leave your abode but they need the influence of your prayers, while they are still under your roof Many mothers have prayed the prayer of Hannah. Many Fathers have prayed the prayers of Abraham.  Length of time it takes to get a prayer answered on behalf of your children, does not matter. You keep on praying, until something happens.

Although the Word is not to be used as a magic potion; it is the most powerful weapon to be used in prayer by parents.

1 Samuel 1:27 “Lord, I prayed for this child, and You have granted me what I asked of you.”  Praying the Word of the Lord is a powerful tool to use, when praying over, with and for your children.

Here are some suggested scriptures to pray over the children with whom God has blessed you.  One suggested way to use these verses; is to pray one per day over your child(ren).  Wrap their names inside these powerful truths.  Gods Word is powerful medicine, that chips away at the disease of evil; trying to overtake your child(ren).

Pray that your child or children would:

*     John 3:16 (Receive and love Jesus as their Savior.)

*     Philippians 2:9-11 (Commit their lives to make Jesus Lord.)

*     Mark 10:14-15  (Learn to pray and praise.)

*     Colossians 1:27 (Know who they are in Christ)

*     John 17:15 (Protect my children by the covering of the blood        of Jesus)

*     Psalm 119:9,11 (Learn to hate sin and love holiness,                   righteousness and fear of the Lord.)

*     Romans 12:1-2 (Will honor God by keeping their bodies             pure because they are the temple of Your Spirit.)

*    John 15:13-14 (Give them wisdom in choosing relationships         that will honor You.

*    Romans 13:1 (Will respect and submit to those You have             placed over them.)

*   Mark 10:43-45 (Seek to please God, not self, and serve               others)

Prayers in Motion:

Oh God, please help me pray your Word continually, over my children.  In Jesus Name. Amen