Godliness or Deception


Devotion: 2 Timothy 3:5

This verse brings me to tears.  God’s Word declares there will be “many” who think they have Jesus in their heart, but only have “a form of godliness, denying the power therein.  Many.

Those who have a form of godliness are regular church attenders.  They even do lots of good deeds and are outwardly good, moral people.  If asked why would God allow them into His heaven; they will say: “I’ve never killed anyone.  I haven’t stolen anything.  I desperately try to obey the ten commandments. However, none of these things are requirements for entering the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus wants a relationship with all men, created for His glory. Relationship and form of godliness are worlds apart.  One is authentic; the other is fake.  The deceived person has “played the part” of a Christian so long; that he has even deceived himself.

Christianity is more about being than doing.  We are known by our fruit;  therefore, our relationship with Christ flows in and through the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit.  Are we exhibiting the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control to those around us?  Do we truly possess peace that passes all understanding?

When everything falls apart; do you blame God or fall more deeply in love with and depend more upon Him, the One who allowed these things to come to pass?

1 Timothy 6:6 says, “But godliness with contentment is great gain.”  Does godly describe who you are or what everyone else thinks you are?  That question can only be determined between you and God Himself.  He knows and you know.  I beg you, Do not deceive yourself.  Please don’t just play the part.  Be godly, for Christ’s sake.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, I want to be godly.  I want everything I think, do and say; to be real and never fake.  I want my relationship with You to be real and to cause others to want to know You in an intimate way.  I love You Lord Jesusl  May my latter days be greater than the former, for Christ’s sake.  In Jesus Name.  Amen






Good Will


Devotion:  Luke 1:13-14

It’s the time of year where mankind all of a sudden becomes very generous and full of good will.  It’s not a bad thing.  I just find it interesting that we only think about peace on earth and giving one time a year.  Why?

Christmas is the time of year we celebrate the birth of the Christ child.  He is the ultimate gift to mankind.  He is the only reason for the season. Do we believe that “Every good and perfect gift is from above?”  Jesus is the only good and perfect gift.  Both now and always.  Our Lord Jesus wants to give everybody the gift of salvation and eternal life.

Do we really believe what God said; that “it’s more blessed to give than to receive?”  Both now and always?  God designed man; created man in his own image.  He who gave His only begotten Son; in order that sinful man could have abundant life on earth and eternal life in heaven; longs for us to exhibit peace and good will, freely toward men.

After Jesus was born, a multitude of heavenly host were praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.”

It seems there are few  people in this world who truly want goodwill toward men.  God’s Word tells us; it is with goodwill, we are to render service.  The One who exhibited goodwill toward us by sending His perfect Son Jesus; longs for His children to render service with goodwill all year long.

Prayer in Motion:

Jesus, I want to render goodwill to those You have purposefully brought into my life.  I know every good and perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights. May I give as unto the Lord and may I render goodwill and peace all the year long.



Uncontainable Praise


Devotion: Revelation 5:8-10

Prayer is a response as natural as breathing for the saints of God. It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures to be in the presence of God.  Our  fervent, effectual, prayers arise as a sweet smelling incense to our Father’s nostrils.

In this passage; the four living creatures and the elders, carried a golden bowl of incense.  The priests offered incense every morning and evening in the temple.  This was symbolically carrying the prayers of God’s people and arose to God as a sweet smelling praise.

Prayer is an act of worship when we turn to God in adoration or for help.  We are powerless but our God is all powerful. The elders and living creatures “sang a new song.”  Heaven is a place of uncontainable praise and celebration.

While still on earth; praise wells up in the hearts of believers, as an overflow of the wonder of salvation and abundant joy of knowing Christ.

In the body of Christ, the Church expresses our overflow of worship in prayer and song. There are many varieties of musical expression which reflects the creativity and beauty of God Himself.  Music expresses the language of our hearts.  It’s one way to worship God in Spirit and in truth.

Jesus is worthy of all adoration, praise and exaltation given to Him because He is the Lamb who was slain.  If we trust Him as our Lord and Savior; we can have abundant life on earth and eternal life in heaven.  His death delivers us from the bondage of sin and eternal separation from God.

It’s amazing what praising can do.  Glorifying your Savior will lift your head out of despair and worry.  It changes your whole attitude and countenance; so that the watching world sees a difference in you.  They are attracted to the Jesus in us.  Jesus says,” If I be lifted up; I will draw all men unto Myself.”

Since God inhabits the praises of His people,  let us praise Him, in the morning, praise Him in the evening, praise Him in the noon time too.  May we give Him continual, uncontainable praise.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I want to give you continual, uncontainable praise and worship, through prayer and song.  I love You more and more with each passing day.  You are everything to me.  I bless You Name continually Jesus.  It’s in Your Holy Name I offer up thie prayer.  Amen



Both Sides of the Page


Devotion:  Revelation 5:1-7

A strong angel asked the question, “Who is worthy to open the scroll and to loose its seals?”  No one in heaven or earth was found worthy.  It makes Christians want to sob.  John said he wept much because there was not one found worthy.  All of a sudden everything changed as one of the elders said, “Do not weep, Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals.” That makes us want to shout, Hallelujah!

This sealed scroll contained a description of events relating to both God’s plan of salvation and grace for the faithful, as well as God’s just judgment for the wicked.  The writer of the Bible Study Fellowship notes for Revelation 5 says, “The scroll is described as having writing on both sides, which is unusual. Scrolls normally were written on one side.  Such double-sided writing was for private use.  The use of seven seals indicates this document was in the style of ancient wills or testaments.  It represented the kingdom of God in deed and testament to humanity. The seven seals guaranteed the authenticity of the scroll.”

In all my days of reading Revelation, I never notice this seemingly small detail of the scroll having been written on both sides.  The angel called for One who was worthy.  Our lack of worthiness before a holy God is mentioned many times through out His Word.  No one is perfect, no not one, except for our Lord Jesus.  Only He can satisfy our guiltiness and cover our sin with His blood and righteousness.  He is the only one who can bring redemption to our unworthy souls.

Oh, precious reader, the victory and triumph for sinful humans, has already been won, by the Lion of the tribe of Judah, our One and Only Savior, Jesus the Christ.  Because of His victory, He is worthy to open the scroll written on both sides of the page.  He came as a man, born in humble poverty but with the lineage of royalty.  He holds the rightful claim to throne of David, which God had promised would be eternal.

God’s redemptive plan, is revealed in His Word, the Bible.  On that day, when our Deliverer gloriously takes this scroll, written on both sides, we will realize our  final and ultimate victory.  In this document written for private use; you, beloved child of the Most High God, will see God’s purpose and plan for your life fulfilled.  All evil will be forever destroyed. No more tears.  No more sorrow.  No more suffering. Ever again.  Can I get an Amen?  All the praise, honor and glory and blessing be unto our Lord Jesus.

Prayer in Motion

Lord Jesus, all the praise, honor, glory and blessing belongs to You!  I will get to be an eye witness; when You take that scroll in hand.  Oh glorious day to come!  It’s what I’ve lived my whole life to see.  I can only imagine what it will be like.  God, thank You for giving Jesus, Your only begotten Son, so that we can have eternal life with You.  IN Jesus Name.  Amen



Give Thanks


Devotion:   Psalm 100:4

Today, all over the world, families will gather to celebrate Thanksgiving.  It was a time of peace between the Indians and the first American settlers.  This famous tradition is carried on today.  Many American families will sit down to eat turkey, ham and all the fixings.  “We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessings.  He chastens and hastens His will to make known.”

In spite of all the wars and rumors of wars going on in our world; we pause to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

I love going to my Father in law’s house for Thanksgiving.  Our family gathers together to fellowship and eat food, glorious food. There’s lots of laughter with football playing in the living room, where most of the guys hang out.

Even though my Mother in law passed away fifteen years ago; Paw Paw graciously opens up his home; to host our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.  He and Maw Maw built a huge room at the end of their house, which seats everyone very comfortably.  He always has a roaring fire, crackling in this room full of memories.

I am so thankful for Paw Paw and all of my husband’s family. They know how to celebrate the importance of family.  We still miss Maw Maw but Paw Paw has carried on the traditions started so long ago. There is such a spirit of peace and joy in the house, built with his own hands.

I know many of you could share the same kind of stories. Other’s cannot.  Whatever your past memories of Thanksgiving; I pray the Lord Jesus Himself will bring to your mind and heart, a list of things for which to be thankful. My dear reader, I pray the Lord will bless you richly on this Thanksgiving Day.  I also pray your latter days will be greater than the former.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord Jesus, how I thank You for the gift of eternal life.  I worship You in Spirit and in Truth.  As I draw near to You, I thank You for the days You have ordained for me.  May I enjoy Your presence more and more, until the day You take me home.  I love You Jesus.  Amen


Stretching Your Faith


Devotion:  Matthew 7:7-8

Has God ever pushed you from your comfort zone to your faith zone?  It is so much easier to play it safe versus having audacious faith.  But then, how would you ever grow in your walk with the Lord?  He longs to show you; as well as those watching you, what He is capable of doing.

The hispanic pastor at my church had been asking me for months; to help teach English as a Second Language.  I honestly thought he was teasing me.  He kept telling me Jesus told him in Spanish that I was to help with this endeavor.  I thought, “Of course He did.  That’s your native language.”  But then I began to think; “Jesus, I should at least pray about it.”

When I need to have answers, I will ask the Lord specifically; to direct my heart and order my steps.  I honestly needed to know. I was at the beach, staying at my friends’ condo.  I sat out on the deck, watching the ocean and began to talk to the Lord.  “If I am to be involved in the ESL program, could you show me some dolphins?”  All of a sudden, there was a whole school of dolphins jumping out of the water. In my whole life, I’ve never even seen one dolphin in the ocean.

The next morning, I said, Lord, would you show me dolphins just one more time, so that I can be absolutely sure of this calling. I looked up to see another school of dolphins putting on a performance in front of me.

I don’t know one word of Spanish.  This is stretching me beyond my comfort zone; but this one thing I know for sure; God wants me to help teach English as a Second Language.  He who calls us to do something beyond our comfort zone, will provide a way for us to accomplish the thing He has called us to do.

Prayer in Motion:

Thank You Lord for stretching my faith.  Thank You for answering my specific prayers and moving me from my comfort zone to the faith zone.  You promised, “if I seek You, I will find You, when I search for You with my whole heart.” You long to direct my steps and order my path.  Help me to pray audaciously to a God who hears my prayers.  I love You Jesus.  Amen






Where Are You?


Devotion:  Genesis 3:7-13

I play hide and seek with my grandchildren.  My two year old grandson, Eli hides mostly in the same places.  I sing a little song,  “Where is Eli?  Where is Eli?  I don’t know.  I don’t know.   I cannot find him.  Where can he be?  Run away.  Run away.” He will always say, “Here I am MiMi. Here I am.”  He always wants to be found but he loves playing this game.

Adam and Eve hid themselves from the presence of the Lord, because they had sinned. They partook of the “forbidden tree.” When God asked them, “Where are you,”  He was not asking because He didn’t know where his children were.  He wanted them to confess their sin.

Adam and Eve felt exposed.  They knew they had disobeyed God; committing the very first sin.  These created human beings wanted to cover from each other and to hide from God.  They came up with a strategy to cover themselves with leaves and then hide in the Garden of Eden.  They were naked and ashamed.

God immediately asked them, “Who told you, you were naked?” Did you eat of the tree from which I commanded you not to eat?Then the blame game began.  Adam said; “It was the woman that You gave me.  She gave me  of the forbidden tree.

It’s human nature to blame someone else for our wrong doing. We never want to admit or take the blame for our blatant sin. Not only have we disobeyed; but we want to cover our sin by lying or deceiving the one we have sinned against.

God wants to know where we are?  Are we willing to confess that we have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God? Romans 3:23 says, “We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”  Romans 6:23 says, “If we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

God stands ready to forgive and forget our sins.  He will “remove them from us as far as the east is from the west and remember them no more.”

Tell God where you are.  He knows anyway but when we confess our sin to Him; it opens up the windows of heaven and brings restitution between our Creator and us, His created beings.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I confess that I am a sinner.  Please search me and know my heart and see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me to the way everlasting.  I am so thankful, I serve a risen Savior who forgives me and cleanses me from all my sin and unrighteousness.  I love You Lord.  “Here I am to worship.  Here I am to bow down.  Here I am to say that You’re my God.  You are all together lovely…all together worthy…all together wonderful to me.”  In Jesus Name.  Amen