A Life Full of Less


Devotion:  Luke 6:38

We’ve all heard that “Less is more.” It seems like an oxymoron; doesn’t it, a life full of less?  What does that look like?  How can we live faithfully, in such an affluent society?  Can less mean more; more time, more security, and a deeper faith, to live a more productive life?  I am not talking productive; as the world defines productive, but productive in God’s eyes.  Seemingly small acts of faithfulness, can have a profound and significant impact on the world.

Is your primary purpose in life; to love people: your family, the children, neighbors, enemies and non-Christians God has placed in your life?  Are you a “real person” to them?  Do they see you living a life full of more, or a life full of less?  A sacrificial life, displays the glory and splendor of the One we faithfully serve. Do you even know a person with an honest to goodness need, in his or her life?  If not, why not? They are everywhere around us.  It might be a lonely widower, a homeless person, a lost person or one who is sick.  They may need your time, your talents or your resources.

You may be thinking, but I have nothing to give.  My time is strapped to the max.  You must be kidding, if you think I can give financially.  I can barely make ends meet.  The poorest person in the world, can always give of their time and even from their limited resources.

In Motion:

Hold loosely to your “stuff” and your time.  Ask God to show you how to live a life full of less.


Tapping Into His Power


Devotion: Ephesians 3:7

A lady named Sandy Smith made the statement, “We never cry out to God and receive a returned check stamped “Insufficient Grace”.  It is by grace we are saved and it is by grace we are kept.  We have grace for our sinful past, grace for our troubled present and grace for our unknown future.  How can this be?  It’s all because of Christ’s resurrection power, made available to us.

Priscilla Shirer says, “God doesn’t have the power; He is the power! He is the all powerful One and His power is all available to you. It can never be decreased or depleted.”  You believe the message of the cross, that Christ died, was buried and rose again three day later, but have you begun to tap into the resurrection power, He has promised to every believer?

His power is an over the top, now kind of power, available to all that name the Name of Christ.  Through the years, I’ve heard many pastors say, it will be sad to get to heaven and realize you had a room; jam packed with gifts and answers to prayer, left untouched.  I’ve never seen this in the Bible but it is even sadder to think we have His power available to us, right here, right now and we choose to believe Him for a thimble full versus an ocean full, of God sized capacity.

What is holding you back, from tapping into the power, that will carry you all the way through to eternity?  The enemy tries to render you powerless through weariness and exhaustion but no matter what your life’s challenge; His power in you is greater than any problem.  God’s power will see you through to the very end of your life and when you cross over into eternity, you will hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master.”

In Motion: 

Tap into the power of the Risen Lord today!
















God Takes Notice


Devotion:  Matthew 10:29-30

God knows every hair that falls out of your head and every one that grows back.  He takes notice when the color changes, whether it turns from dark to gray on its own, or it comes out of a box.  He sees when one little bird falls to the ground. You are exponentially of more value to Him, than a sparrow.  So He knows when a cell divides or breaks down.  He knows what’s going on inside our bodies, as well as the circumstances in our personal world.  No thing takes Him by surprise.  He is our Omnicient, all knowing, ever present help in trouble, kind of God.

His presence looms large; over the worst case scenario.  He promises to never leave us nor forsake us, so you may “feel” alone, separated from friends and family but He is with you, always.  He will talk to you, comfort you, provide encouragement meant just for you; for “such a time as this”.  You are His child, His creation, His idea.  He’s got you.  He’s got this thing.  He alone can provide “peace that passes all understanding.”

The God who knows, is perfectly able to bring healing, comfort, restoration or change in your now situation.  Whether it’s your body or your circumstance; that needs a touch from Him, He will accomplish what concerns you.  His ways are higher than ours and His timing is perfect.  He is working this out for your good and His glory.

In Motion:

Take heart my friend!  The God who knows, has got this!.

The Ancient of Days


Devotion:  Daniel 7:9-12, 21

Picture with me Daniel’s amazing vision, described in this book of prophecy.  Thrones were placed, as the Ancient of Days takes His seat.  Thrones always represent kings and authority, but the main attraction is focused on the Ancient of Days, King of kings and Lord of Lords.  His gleaming clothes radiating with reflective, bright white and His hair, as white as pure wool.  He is the perfect, spotless Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.  His throne is engulfed in fiery flames and the wheels are burning as well. A stream of fire; sets Him apart, as it streams out before Him.  Our God is a consuming fire.

A thousand thousands served Him and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him.  This is the court of all courts, the judgement seat of Christ and the books are opened.  War was made with the saints and it seems they were losing, until the Ancient of Days came. Until the Ancient of Days!  Then the saints possessed the kingdom.

Everything changes with the Ancient of Days.  His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  His purposes and plans have always been established for the children of the Most High God.

No matter the degree of trouble and conflict in your life, the Ancient of Days is “still on His throne, where He’s been all along and He knows what is going on.”  My former Sunday School teacher, Danny Benton used to quote that little rhyme.  As time marches forward; we can rest in this fact, the Ancient of Days will always show up; right on time, both now and in eternity.

In Motion:

You can absolutely trust in the Ancient of Days.

Tell Me The Story


Devotion:  Hebrews 11

Every time we are together; my granddaughter Ryann, says, “MiMi, tell me the story of…”  She is referring to the incredibly funny things, that have transpired in her Poppi and MiMi’s life. Here’s her favorite story. I inadvertently spilled some pink nail polish; on my white bathroom floor.  I was running late for church; so I thought, I’ll use nail polish remover when I get back.  Bad choice.  I will forever be looking at that pink stain and Ryann Elizabeth, will never let me forget it!

I can hardly wait to meet Moses, Abraham, Isaac, David and Paul. to name a few. I hope I’ll be able to ask that same type of question to each of them.  “Moses, can you tell me what it was like to be on the mountain with God, as he wrote the ten commandments with His own finger? What about the time you raised your staff; and the waters of the Red Sea parted, right before your very eyes?”  “David; what was it like, when you took that one little stone and Goliath came tumbling down?”  Abraham, did your heart almost stop beating; when you drew back your sword to slay Isaac?” “Paul, what was it like, as you fell before the Lord, after hearing his voice on the Damascus Road?”  These are just a few of the questions, I have ruminating in my head.

God’s people love to hear the stories of Jesus and they love to hear how those stories apply to their lives.  We have eternity to meet the people we have read about, sung about as well as the countless sermons we have heard, regarding our forefathers.  Until that time; we will continue to read, sing songs and listen to sermons that tell the greatest stories ever told.

In Motion:

Are you telling His story? The story of Jesus?

The Ninety and Nine


Devotion:  Matthew 18:12-14

Whether they are looking for grass, or water; sheep are prone to wander in search of nourishment.  They do not realize, the untold danger of wandering off alone.  Sheep are accustomed to their shepherd   watching over them, twenty four – seven.  They do not realize the safety of staying within their flock, under the protection of their faithful shepherd.

We who belong to the flock of a church; must gather with our fellow sheep, under the leadership and guidance of our pastor(s). My former pastor, Dr. Joe Brown used to say, “The Shepherd loves the sheep and I love you too.”  He loved His flock and if one was missing; he would go in search of that missing sheep.

Lost people do not naturally gravitate toward the church.  They are out living their lives, without any acknowledgement of their need, for the One who longs to shepherd their souls.  There is an old song that says, “Bring them in, bring them in.  Bring them in from the fields of sin.  Bring them in, Bring them in. Bring the wandering ones to Jesus.”  We must go out to find the ones who are wandering in the wilderness, in search of true life.  The rich and poor alike, are left unsatisfied, with all the world has offered them.  Let us leave the comfort of “the ninety and nine”; and go out to bring them in, to the Shepherd and Guardian of their souls.

In Motion:

Leave the comfort of your church body and go out “to seek and to save, that which is lost.”  Bring them to Jesus.



Come and Dine


Devotion:  Revelation 3:20

I get so excited when certain people invite me over for lunch or dinner, because they are amazing cooks.  When I knock on their door, I am greeted with delightful smells wafting through the air of their home.

The Lord speaks much of food in His Word.  This particular verse declares Jesus is knocking at our door; calling to us and He longs to come and dine with us.  Why do you think He uses the analogy of coming to eat with us?

We need food to survive, but when you think of your favorite dish, your taste buds could high five each other.  You ponder its flavor, its texture and how satisfied you are each time you chew another bite. Food appeals to our sense of sight, smell and taste.  We can look at plates of food; as they pass by us in a restaurant, and find ourselves incredibly hungry, because of sight and smell.   However, seeing and smelling does not satisfy our hunger.  In fact, it makes our stomachs growl even louder.  You’ve got to taste it, chew it and let it go down, in order for your hunger to be fulfilled.

God compares His Word to food when He says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  Jeremiah said, “I found thy words and I ate them and they became for me a joy and a delight.”  We can tingle with the joy of God’s presence, when we are with His people in church.  We can delight in the wonderful music, as we sing in praise and worship to Him. However, if we are going to experience the joy and delight of Him, we must eat His words on a regular basis.  We cannot be fed all week long, from a delightful sermon we heard on Sunday.  Your pastor prepares a wonderful meal of God’s Word and then spoon feeds you, but however amazing it is, it’s not enough to last us a whole week. Our spirits become weak, if we try to exist on one feeding per week.

In Motion:

Come and dine on God’s Word today.