Devotion:  Ecclesiastes 4:12

Twisted peppermint.  Twisted gum.  Twisted thoughts.  Twisted actions.  There are levels of twisted.  Twist is an action verb however; add the ed and it becomes a descriptive adjective.  I was surprised by Webster’s English language learner’s definition.

: strange and unpleasant : not normal.  He has a twisted [=sick] sense of humor.  

We’ve all encountered twisted minds at different times in our lives.  It’s not a good thing.  A twisted mind is a wasted mind.  While in the ER; I observed lots of twisted minds.  There were three gay girls who came in the emergency room.  One had been bitten by a dog and was bleeding profusely.  The other two were kissing on her in a very inappropriate way.  It was sick.

Another young man was pacing around and around the central desk of the concierge.  He was talking out loud to himself continually.  I’m certain it was very annoying to the concierge.

Since my husband and I were there for fourteen hours; he finally wore himself out and rather than sitting in a  chair; he slumped down against the wall, took off his boots and put his head against his knees to rest.  After he rested for a while, the pacing began again.  Poor guy was tortured in some way or fashion.

Twist in and of itself has a more affirmative definition.

to unite by winding twisting strands together b :  to make by twisting strands together twist thread from yarn c :  to mingle by interlacing

Today’s verse puts a very positive spin on the word twisted. “A chord of three strands is not easily broken.”  Visualize with me four different sizes of ropes; small, medium, large and extra large.

According to its task; the size of the rope matters.  The larger the rope; the more work it can accomplish.  For instance a small rope can embrace a tomato vine when tied to a dowel rod.  A medium rope when tethered to a hook in the ground can keep a dog in your yard.  A large rope when attached to a car; can actually pull a lawn mower out of a ditch.  Lastly; an extra large rope can pull a car from a ravine.

When these strands are twisted together they can accomplish the task for which they were created.  I’ve said all these things to help you think about the church of Jesus Christ.

Think about the things we could accomplish if we were bound together by our love.  There’s a song that says; “They will know we are Christians by our love.”  So many churches are divided on selfish issues, each group wanting it’s own way.  One has a twisted view of what the church should be and the other has a more united view of accomplishing the greater good for the kingdom of Christ.  Each group pushes against the other and nothing is accomplished in the Name of Jesus.

The Bible says; “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Just think what could be accomplished if we would lay down our rights and allow ourselves to be twisted together.  God would be honored and glorified and Christ’s kingdom would grow and flourish.

Prayer in Motion:

Oh Sweet Jesus, forgive us; the church, for not being the church into which you have called us.  “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”  You paid the price for our sins.  I know You must weep over the spiritual condition of Your bride.  We repent before You, our Lord and our God.  Bring repentance quickly to the church, so we can finish well the purpose for which we were created.  In Jesus Name.  Amen


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